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The calculated CHMOD value is:

Chmod Chart

  Owner Group Public
Read=4 x x x
Write=2 x    
Execute=1 x x x
Totals (4+2+1)=7 (4+1)=5 (4+1)=5


What do those CHMOD numbers mean?

777: all can read/write/exec

755: owner can do all, group/others can read/exec

644: owner can read/write, group/others can read only

For Directories:

777: all can read, write, search

755: owner can do all, others and group can only search

Typical settings:

cgi scripts: 755

data files: 666

configuration files: 644 (files not updated by scripts)

directories: 777 (with proper permissions on files in directory)

Security tip: chmod a script to 400 if you want to disable it. You can always chmod it to 755 when you want to run it again.

---s--s--t 7000 setuid, setgid, sticky 
---s--s--- 6000 setuid, setgid
---s-----t 5000 setuid, sticky
---s------ 4000 setuid
------s--t 3000 setgid, sticky
------s--- 2000 setgid
---------t 1000 sticky
---------- 0000 none
Notice the differing case of the 'S' in this example:
-r-xr-s--- 2550
-r-xr-S--- 2540



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