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PCMCIA Modem Adventures

I have a PCMCIA modem (3Com (3CXM/3CCM556)) in slot 1, and it is identified as /dev/cuaa4 or sio4.  I had to change the mode and ownership of the /dev/cuaa4 to match the other cuaa* devices because I was getting errors like:

> cu -l cuaa4
cu: open (/dev/cuaa4): Permission denied
cu: cuaa4: Line in use

A 'ls' of the file showed:

> ls -alFG /dev/cuaa4
crw-r-----  1 root  wheel   28, 132 Jun  7 14:14 /dev/cuaa4

and I changed it to match the other cuaa* devices:

> chown uucp:dialer /dev/cuaa4
> chmod 660 /dev/cuaa4

Now, I am able to successfully 'cu' to that line and control the modem with the usual AT command set.  Nice....



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