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Microsoft Intellimouse Optical - USB

I use a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB mouse with my Gateway SOLO notebook, and I had a heck of a time getting it going under FreeBSD.  Here is the configuration that I used (4.5 RELEASE):

  1. In /etc/rc.conf, make this configuration:

    allscreens_flags="-m on"

  2. Next, create the USB mouse device:

    cd /dev
    ./MAKEDEV ums0

That is all there was to it.  It all seems easy after you do it...

Linksys KVM Adventures

Well, I have this Linksys 2-port KVM switch, and every time I would switch from my Windows machine over to FreeBSD, the FreeBSD machine would cry about the mouse being out of sync.  I think the error was something like this:

(wolverine is this computer's hostname, running 4.4-RELEASE)

Dec 10 17:19:23 wolverine /kernel: psmintr: out of sync (0008 != 0000).

Now, I did a lot of searching on the subject, and the most consistent answer that I found was that the Linksys KVM was a P.O.S.  Fair enough, but I still wanted it to work.  I found one post with a suggestion, and that suggestion worked!  I rebuilt the kernel with the following line modified:

device	psm0	at atkbdc? irq 12 flags 0x100

Hooray! The addition of the flags 0x100 did the trick. I hope that this helps you!



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