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/STATUS Displays partition information.
/X Ignores extended disk-access support (will not use LBA support). Use this switch if you receive one of the following symptoms:

Unable to access a drive from DOS versions prior to 7.
Disk access messages .
Stack overflow messages.
High amounts of data corruption.
Extra drive letters



FDISK /MBR - Command used to rewrite the Master Boot Record.
Recreate Master Boot Record on specified disk. Performs the same functions as FDISK /MBR except can be used on other disk drives.
FDISK 1/PRI:100 - Command line to create a 100 meg DOS partition on hard drive 1.
FDISK 1/EXT:500 - Command line to create a 500 meg extended DOS partition on hard drive 1.
FDISK 1/LOG:250 - Command line to create a 250 logical drives.
FDISK /PARTN - Saves the partition to a file called PARTSAV.FIL
FDISK /Q - Prevents fdisk from booting the system automatically after exiting fdisk.
FDISK /STATUS - Shows you the current status of your hard drives.
FDISK /ACTOK - Makes FDISK not check the disk integrity allowing the drives to be created faster.
FDISK /FPRMT - Will not get the prompt for FAT32 support, in addition allows FDISK to be forced into using FAT32 on drives smaller then 540MB (by default FDISK will not use FAT32 on any drive smaller then 540MB). Finally this command can only be used with FDISK that supports FAT32.




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