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If any of these links are broken or need updating, I would appreciate an email stating such sent to me at  Thanks!

General Stuff - Official IANA numbers list - Official IANA Protocol Numbers list - Official IANA port numbers list - HTML RFC Archive - RFC Search Engine - Read texts from throughout history online... for FREE!

IPv6 Links - Todd Lodhan's IPv6 News and Links site - IPv6 6BONE information

Cisco Links - HSRP - cabling specs - Technologies - Cisco products Quick Reference Guide - Cisco UniverCD - Configuring IP addressing (including NAT) - Password recovery procedures

Firewall & Security - Gibson research center; look for ShieldsUP! - Security test, CCLI code lookup, etc.  Good stuff... - This site has a few different kinds of scans - Commonly exploited ports

Virii - TrendMicro real-time virus tracking center

Telephony - Just what the name says it is... - CO locator (very cool) - TELECOM Digest & Archives

Cigars - Cigar ratings by Cigar Aficionado - Cigar family (Fuente Newman)




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