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Uniform Resource Locators (URL) Schemes
In the Uniform Resource Locators (URL) definition [RFC2396,RFC1738]
there is a field, called "scheme", to identify the type of resource
and access method.
Scheme Name     Description                                    Reference
-----------     -----------------------------------------      ---------
ftp             File Transfer Protocol                         [RFC1738]
http            Hypertext Transfer Protocol                    [RFC2068]
gopher          The Gopher Protocol                            [RFC1738]
mailto          Electronic mail address                        [RFC2368]
news            USENET news                                    [RFC1738]
nntp            USENET news using NNTP access                  [RFC1738]
telnet          Reference to interactive sessions              [RFC1738]
wais            Wide Area Information Servers                  [RFC1738]
file            Host-specific file names                       [RFC1738]
prospero        Prospero Directory Service                     [RFC1738]
z39.50s         Z39.50 Session                                 [RFC2056]
z39.50r         Z39.50 Retrieval                               [RFC2056]
cid             content identifier                             [RFC2392]
mid             message identifier                             [RFC2392]
vemmi           versatile multimedia interface                 [RFC2122]
service         service location                               [RFC2609]
imap            internet message access protocol               [RFC2192]
nfs             network file system protocol                   [RFC2224]
acap            application configuration access protocol      [RFC2244]
rtsp            real time streaming protocol                   [RFC2326]
tip             Transaction Internet Protocol                  [RFC2371] 
pop             Post Office Protocol v3                        [RFC2384]
data            data                                           [RFC2397]
dav             dav                                            [RFC2518]
opaquelocktoken opaquelocktoken                                [RFC2518]
sip             session initiation protocol                    [RFC2543]
tel             telephone                                      [RFC2806]
fax             fax                                            [RFC2806]
modem           modem                                          [RFC2806]
Reserved URL Scheme Names:
   afs              Andrew File System global file names
   tn3270           Interactive 3270 emulation sessions
   mailserver       Access to data available from mail servers
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