Version Numbers
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In the Internet Protocol (IP) [RFC791] there is a field to identify
the version of the internetwork general protocol.  This field is 4
bits in size.
Assigned Internet Version Numbers
Decimal   Keyword    Version                            References
-------   -------    -------                            ----------
    0                Reserved                                [JBP]
  1-3                Unassigned                              [JBP]
    4       IP       Internet Protocol                [RFC791,JBP]
    5       ST       ST Datagram Mode                [RFC1190,JWF]
    6       IPv6     Internet Protocol version 6         [RFC1752]
    7       TP/IX    TP/IX: The Next Internet                [RXU]
    8       PIP      The P Internet Protocol                 [PXF]
    9       TUBA     TUBA                                    [RXC]
10-14                Unassigned                              [JBP]
   15                Reserved                                [JBP]
[RFC791] Postel, J., ed., "Internet Protocol - DARPA Internet Program
         Protocol Specification", STD 5, RFC 791, USC/Information
         Sciences Institute, September 1981.
[RFC1190] Topolcic, C., Editor, "Experimental Internet Stream
          Protocol, Version 2 (ST-II)", RFC 1190, CIP Working Group,
          October 1990.
[RFC1752] Bradner, S., and A. Mankin, "The Recommendation for the IP
	  Next Generation Protocol", RFC 1752, Harvard University,
	  ISI, January 1995.
[JPB] Jon Postel <>
[RH6] Robert Hinden <Hinden@ENG.SUN.COM>
[RXU] Robert Ullmann <>
[PXF] Paul Francis <>
[RXC] Ross Callon <>
[Deering] Steve Deering, <>, March 1995.



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